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As a school

We will:

• Support your child’s wellbeing and safety by providing a safe, supportive and caring environment

• Help and encourage your child to reach their full potential

• Monitor and update on your child’s progress at parent meetings, Tutor evenings, Data Capture Reports and Attitude to Learning Reports.

• Communicate any concerns about your child’s attendance/behaviour/wellbeing with you as their parent or carer, and respond to any concerns from your child or parents/carers

• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that caters for all children, including when delivered remotely

• Promote high standards of behaviour, and outline clear expectations in our behaviour policy so we can maintain a safe environment for all children

• Set home learning tasks which supports the delivery of the curriculum

• Offer opportunities for parents and carers to get involved in school life

• Communicate between home and school through email, telephone, Edulink

• Respond to communications from parents in a timely manner, following school policies

• Treat pupils consistently, equally and fairly.

• Set high standards of behaviour with no tolerance of bullying or racism.

• Provide enrichment and extra-curricular activities to increase the cultural capital of every student

• Follow our school policies and procedures, applying them consistently




• Make sure my child attends school regularly and on time. I will notify the school if my child will be absent

• Make sure my child is dressed in the correct uniform and brings the necessary equipment to school

• Support the school to make sure my child maintains a consistently high standard of behaviour

• Encourage my child to try their best so they can reach their full potential

• Communicate to the school any concerns that I have about my child that may affect their behaviour in school or ability to learn

• Make sure communication with the school is respectful, and that I make every reasonable effort to address my communications to the appropriate member of staff

• Understand that I should communicate with staff during core school hours, and although they may at times respond outside of those hours, I can’t always expect that

• Make sure that my child completes their homework on time and raises any issues with their teachers

• Read and follow the school’s policies

• Treat all members of the school community with care and respect

• Engage and attend all required parent meetings and work together with the school in order to achieve the best outcomes for my child

• Read any communications sent home by the school and respond where necessary

• Support the school with the conduct development of my child and work with, not against, the school on all matters



I will:

• Arrive at school and my lessons every day on time and ready to learn

• Try my best to do my work and ask for help if I need it

• Do my homework on time and raise any issues with my teachers

• Speak to an adult about any issues I’m experiencing that may affect my work or behaviour

• Speak to an adult about any concerns I have about my or other pupils’ safety

• Wear the correct school uniform and take a pride in my appearance

• Bring to school all the equipment I need each day

• Treat all members of the school community with care and respect

• Understand and follow the school rules

• Look after school equipment, and show respect for the school environment and local community

• Work hard and respect the right of others to learn.

• Value being a part of Stratton

• Be polite and friendly to others, treating the school community with respect

• Treat school equipment and buildings with respect.

• Behave well on the journey to and from school.

• Make the most of opportunities to join in all activities

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