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Meridian Trust launches new careers education website to support parents in guiding their children

Meridian Trust is proud to launch a new initiative to support families in guiding their children through careers education and crucial school transitions.

The newly launched website, Meridian Pathways, is designed to assist the parents and carers of students in our schools, giving them everything they need to get inspired, spark conversations and support their child with planning their future.

Meridian Pathways guides parents through four pivotal transition points:

  • moving from primary into secondary school;
  • choosing options;
  • looking at post-16 opportunities and courses;
  • looking at post-18 opportunities and courses.

Each transition point is a time for reflection and consideration about the future and at each point, we have set out a series of activities and questions that parents could ask and/or complete with their child during the transition points in their school journey. 

The website has been created in collaboration with Careers Leads across all of the Trust’s schools, with invaluable feedback from existing Meridian Trust parents. The information shared is shaped around the context of the Trust and each of its schools and communities to ensure it is tailored to the families who will use it.

The Meridian Pathways initiative aims to make career planning a collaborative and engaging process for both parents and pupils, acting as a starter for an important conversation. The website provides a framework for families to reflect on achievements, discuss aspirations, and make informed decisions about future educational and career paths.

Angela Manley, Director of Careers at Meridian Trust, said: “We are delighted to be launching the new Meridian Pathways website today. This resource has been a hugely collaborative process, bringing together colleagues from across the Trust to create a useful resource which we hope will be an area of support and guidance for parents.

“We know that starting conversations with your child about their future can be difficult and we hope these activities and conversation starters will provide some fun and easily accessible ways to get families talking and inspired for the future.”

Visit the Meridian Pathways website to find out more:

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