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Students at Stratton school will have numerous opportunities across their school career to foster a love of reading. Particularly in KS3, we identify the importance of continuing students’ reading journey from primary and lower school, and strive in our curriculum to promote the love of reading in both English lessons and school wide, with programmes and interventions aimed to support and promote reading and literacy.

The current activities we have in place as of September 2024, are:

-        Reading intervention for students with SEND with specialised TA’s

-        A diverse curriculum built and curated with the intention of exposing students to a wide range of diverse literary texts ranging from Elizabethan plays to contemporary fiction.

-        A Reading Champion who works with the English department and students, to compose and curate a library filled with reading materials and books selected by students for students. The Reading Champion also champions reading school wide through the library space and the numerous activities that run throughout school.

-        Plans for extra-curricular activities in KS3 including creative writing and poetry club and various trips with ties to the curriculum.

-        The ‘Lets think in English’ curriculum which students in KS3 undertake alongside their standard English lessons. ‘Let’s Think in English’ aims to promote oracy and independent and critical thought in students in lower secondary.

-        Trust wide ‘powerful words’ in form time which exposes students weekly to higher level vocabulary.

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