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Period 6 at Stratton School

At Stratton School, the wider curriculum enriches students lives. We all appreciate the impact that broadening horizons and refining existing skills, has on students. The Period 6 program is designed to enable students to achieve this in a fun and engaging experience.

The aim of Period 6 is to:

1. Provide opportunities for children to experience activities that they would not normally get the chance to do for free.

2. Build relationships in slightly different context between staff and students.

3. Light the blue touch paper for students who find a talent they can enhance and lifelong interest in.

4. Extend the boundaries of learning to help prepare children for their futures.

Extending the Boundaries of Learning & ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’

Meridian Trust’s Vision for Extending the Boundaries of Learning:

‘…Meridian Trust provide a breadth of experience through the curriculum and beyond, including an entitlement for all students to educational visits and other activities that enhance and extend the curriculum, including providing a range of opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education that instils the values of the trust and SoC more widely…’(Meridian Trust)

As a Meridian Trust School, Stratton fully embraces the core vision of ‘Extending the Boundaries of Learning’ and ‘Learning outside the classroom and encourages, commits and promotes these values through participating in local, national and international trips and visits through bringing in speakers, visiting national museums and participating in many events.  We also encourage outdoor lessons in many subject areas and participate in competitions within the trust, locally and nationally. 

Stratton students are offered many exciting learning opportunities which take them out of the classroom environment.  Trips are just one aspect of this and are keenly enjoyed by many of our students from Year 7 to 13.

Our trips and visits programme for 2024-5 is currently being developed. We aim to install core experiences across all lessons as well as year group opportunities to experience new and exciting opportunities.

Trips are certainly an important part of the Stratton experience as we want our students to learn and develop outside of the classroom, as well as in it.  Ensuring our students leave us as self-assured, confident people, means we are keen to continue to develop our programme of study and experiences which happen beyond the classroom.

Key Trust policies which identify Outdoor Learning are:

What is Outdoor Learning and how does this Extend the Boundaries of Learning? 

‘…Outdoor Learning is a broad term that includes discovery, experimentation, learning about and connecting to the natural world, and engaging in environmental and adventure activities. Outdoor Learning involves the transformation of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors through direct engagement with the outdoor environment for the personal and social benefit of individuals, families, society and the planet. Purposeful experiences in the outdoors can be a catalyst for powerful and memorable learning…’ (English Outdoor Council)

‘…Outdoor Learning can provide a dramatic contrast to the indoor classroom. Direct experience outdoors is more motivating and has more impact and credibility. Through skilled teaching, interpretation or facilitation, outdoor experiences readily become a stimulating source of fascination and personal growth…’ (Institute for Outdoor Learning).


As a member of Meridian trust we also subscribe to the Trust wide PLEDGES programme and challenges.

We celebrate and publicise the trips visits and outdoor learning we do through social media and the Strattonian newsletter.  

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