Revision - there is no 'one shoe' answer here. We appreciate there are lots of strategies, each unique to the individual learner.

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This page is to provide an oversight of strategies alongside some practical advice. Remember, The best person to speak to is always your teacher. They are the expert in their field.

Getting it right on the day

Be Prepared: Make sure you have all the equipment you could ever need for all exams. This includes at least 3 black pens, pencils, rubber, a ruler, protractor, set square, calculator. A watch is vital to success. Exams are all tight for time, have a watch on your desk so you can allocate time to each section of the exam.

 While waiting for the exam to start, read the front of the exam paper so you know exactly what to do.

Read each question carefully – twice is better than once. Check how many marks are available for the answer. Write the relevant amount for the marks, not too much or too little.

Answer the question; don’t simply repeat it or make up a question of your own.

Write your answer if you feel confident. If not, go on to the next question. Don’t spend time on questions you are unsure of until you have been through the whole paper once.

Check all calculations. Does the answer make sense and have you included the units?

Check information in graphs tables and pictures. Did you read them correctly?

Check your spellings of specific words, but if you are not sure of the spelling write your answer anyway. You may get the mark.

If you have to draw diagrams, charts or graphs, use a sharp pencil and draw accurately using a ruler where necessary.

Once you have answered all the more straightforward questions go through the paper again, tackling those questions which are more difficult. If on the second reading a question is still very difficult, move on to the next question.

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar) are marked on most papers. Make sure you have considered this when writing your answers.

Above all, don’t panic. If you remain calm and think things through you will succeed. Being prepared will be the best way to stay calm.

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