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Two of the most important words in education - teaching and learning - this is EVERYTHING we do at Stratton.

Our methodology focuses on tiers of professional learning and support.  In our collective focus, we will work together to achieve individual expertise in up to three of the six identified priority areas – The Stratton Six.  This expertise will be shared and together we will be a stronger unit.  Our vision is to take ‘small but significant learning’ and facilitate this being ‘replicated and scaled’ across the teaching body.  The Stratton Expert will be a widely acknowledged award and we will be celebrated for this elevated professional knowledge and practice.


  • Teachers read out loud
  • Teachers use high quality, ambitious and current texts
  • Teachers select symbols and pictures to support reading comprehension 


  • Teachers are curious professionals
  • Teachers proactively engage with current educational theory
  • Teachers take risks and want to trial strategies to stretch and challenge students’ thinking 

Transitions and connections

  • Teachers ‘join the learning dots’ and connect learning over time
  • Teachers plan for transitions to be coherent and seamless
  • Teachers tell students what they are doing and why they are doing it 

Retrieval, feedback, and critique

  • Teachers regularly assess students’ learning, showing and telling them what they need to do to improve
  • Teachers allow time for students to develop and practise skills and knowledge following feedback
  • Teachers prioritise strategies to help students retrieve their learning over time 

Planning for and knowing your learners

  • Teachers know their learners as individuals
  • Teachers use data intuitively to plan and deliver lessons to meet all needs
  • Teachers target bespoke interventions 

Relationships and culture

  • Teachers are highly aspirational, caring professionals
  • Teachers have strong routines and foster positive relationships with all students
  • Teachers fairly and routinely celebrate

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